Cordova & Fernós Interns Meet with Univision's Bob Llamas

Bob Llamas from Univision meets with Puerto Rican students

Students from the Córdova & Fernós Internship Program met with a top Univision executive during a meet-and-greet breakfast.

Students spoke with Bob Llamas, executive vice president of Univision, at TWC’s Residential and Academic Facility in Washington, D.C. Univision has partnered with TWC for more than 15 years, providing students with countless internship and development opportunities and providing generous support for the Córdova program. All Córdova students come to TWC from Puerto Rico and during the program engage in conversations about prominent issues facing Puerto Rico and Latin America.

Llamas, a son of Mexican immigrants, rose from a working-class upbringing to become an executive at one of the world’s most popular television networks. Yet he cautioned the Córdova students that an education alone isn’t enough become a successful leader. “Leadership happens when you are faced with enormous challenges. You have to turn every challenge you encounter into a new opportunity,” Llamas said.

Leadership happens when you are faced with enormous challenges. You have to turn every challenge you encounter into a new opportunity.

Bob Llamas

Llamas then turned the discussion over to students. He asked about their biggest concerns as young Puerto Ricans because the territory faces an uncertain economic future as public debt slows down economic growth. Juan Alvarado, a student at the University of Puerto Rico-Ponce and an intern with the Small Business Administration, underscored his generation’s desire to play an active role in Puerto Rico’s development.

“Once we leave Puerto Rico, it’s harder to help because we have to help from the outside. I am looking forward to contributing any way I can and pushing to make the changes we want to see,” Alvarado said. TWC’s Córdova & Fernós program puts an emphasis on cultivating diversity and international exposure to the wide array of ideas, cultures, people and professions that Washington provides. Student life activities allow Córdova & Fernós Program interns to meet participants from other states and countries, providing an enriching cultural and social experience.

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