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Your time here isn't just about your internship. It's about the experiences you have, the friends you meet and the stories you tell when you return home.

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Student enjoying LEAD session

Gaining Strength and Insight Through the LEAD Colloquium

Although there are many different classes and activities to choose from at The Washington Center, there is one…
Quinnipiac University’s seminar participants at the Canadian Embassy roof

How Quinnipiac Students Benefit from Off-Campus Learning Opportunities At TWC Seminars

The main thing that keeps Quinnipiac University coming back for The Washington Center seminars is knowing that TWC…
Political Science Majors Dream Job

Internships To Help Political Science Majors Discover Their Dream Job

Finding a job in your field of study can be daunting. Job searching seems simple—you do an internet…
Shot of portfolium on laptop

The Washington Center Goes Beyond the Grade with Portfolium

Coming to The Washington Center for an internship or seminar produces more than a wealth of experiences. It…
Capitol Hill Hearings

An Intern’s-Eye View of Capitol Hill Hearings

Whenever a high-profile political event takes place, whether it be in Canada or America, I always feel mentally…
US Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

How The Washington Center Handled the Government Shutdown

As we entered our second week as interns at The Washington Center, it was apparent the government shutdown…
Tomodachi group

Why TWC Is So Much More Than a D.C. Internship

When I first heard about The Washington Center, my recurring thought was that it sounded like a cool…
Minseok Kim, Spring 2016 International Intern from Korea

Alumni Q&A with Minseok Kim, Spring 2016 International Intern from Korea

Reaching The Washington Center internship program was an arduous journey for South Korean student Minseok Kim. His university…
Diane Stipcak (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

Why IUP's Partnership with TWC Is So Rewarding For Me and My Students

Indiana University of Pennsylvania first partnered with The Washington Center more than 40 years ago and the current…
Washington, D.C.

Making the Transition to D.C. City Life

For as long as I could remember, I have wanted to live in Washington, D.C. I grew up…
Nancy Cade, University of Pikeville

Why I Keep Coming Back to TWC Seminars

Nancy Cade of the University of Pikeville is a 15-year veteran liaison and a self-proclaimed TWC Academic Seminars…
Michael Rodriguez (Stockton University).

Stockton Liaison Describes His Commitment to Offering Students Immersive Internship Experiences

Michael Rodriguez is the campus liaison at Stockton University where he is also a professor of political science,…