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Your time here isn't just about your internship. It's about the experiences you have, the friends you meet and the stories you tell when you return home.

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Diary at the Holocaust Museum

Discovering the Past at the Holocaust Museum

Visiting the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while.…
Beating stress as an intern

Tip for Beating Stress with Self-Care

Regardless of who you are and what you do, life is bound to throw some challenges at you.…
TWC Global Festival

Exploring the World at TWC's Global Festival

One of my favorite program events. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for it!
David Ndreca, Dickinson College

In the Spotlight: David Ndreca from Dickinson College

David speaks about interning at Citigroup and the unique opportunities he's been afforded by his internship supervisor.

TWC Announces 2017 Foreign Affairs Information Technology Fellows

Farragut Square at Lunch

Three Reasons I Love My Internship at Izar Capital Group

If someone asks what I’ll be missing most about my D.C. internship, I’ll probably say, “going to work…

TWC Honors Partners and Sponsors of the Veterans Initiative

The Mall in DC

Four Tips to Find Your Family Away from Home while in D.C.

Moving away from family and friends, even temporarily, can be difficult. Suddenly you find yourself in a new…
Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen and journalist Gayle Lemmon

Foreign Policy Experts Urge Interns to Take an Active Interest in the World

On the morning of October 27th, two foreign policy experts, author and CNN contributor Gayle Lemmon, and former…
Joseph Layton-Santos from Kansas Wesleyan

Intern Spotlight: Joseph Layton-Santos, Kansas Wesleyan

Joseph shares how he was able to refine his knowledge in video production, interning for Double R Productions,…
Gina DeMatteo from Suffolk University, interned in Washington, D.C.

Intern Spotlight: Gina DeMatteo, Suffolk University

Gina talks about her internship at Grant Thornton and how she's used her networking skills to talk to…
C-SPAN's Steve Scully, author Douglas Blackmon and Howard University's Dr. Greg Carr.

Interns Discuss Race in America in 2017

Discussions of race have often been described as “the third rail of American politics” in that those who…