Fall 2021 COVID Vaccine Policy

Every student who will be residing at TWC's Residential Facilities or living independently in Washington, D.C. and participating in-person in any aspect of our fall program is required to be fully vaccinated prior to their arrival to Washington, D.C. The CDC defines "fully vaccinated" as two weeks after receiving the second dose of the two-dose vaccine or two weeks after receiving the single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Our Student Services & Community Life department as well as our Office of Pre-Arrival and Employer Relations will require that a copy of students' COVID-19 vaccination card be shared with us as verification of their status before they arrive in Washington, D.C. (vaccination cards can be uploaded  to CANVAS). Failure to do so may impact their ability to live in TWC housing.

In some cases, medical exemptions may be approved with appropriate documentation submitted in writing. Please note, approved exemptions may have an impact on both a student’s housing options as well as their internship placement.

Given the rise of the Delta variant and the ability of the vaccinated to carry and spread the virus AND experience breakthrough infections, we will be testing the entire student body (vaccinated and unvaccinated) three times during the semester (shortly after check-in, in the middle of the semester and at the end of the semester). If a student gets a positive rapid test result, we will quarantine that student and work with them to get a PCR test (externally) to confirm the positive result.

The Washington Center is focused on ensuring that our community remains safe and healthy during this pandemic. We believe full vaccinations are necessary to ensure our community continues to be well and thrive in their Washington, D.C. experience.

COVID Vaccine FAQs

I am an international student and do not have access to a vaccine. Does that mean I cannot attend the fall program in-person?

The Washington Center will follow the guidelines as issued by the United States government for international J-1 Visa holders in respect to requirements for quarantine, vaccinations, and testing.

How do I provide proof of vaccination?

Students must submit proof of vaccination by uploading a photo of their COVID-19 vaccination card to the Pre-Arrival course in Canvas, our learning management system.

What is the deadline to submit my proof of vaccination?

Students must submit their proof of vaccination in Canvas by Wednesday, July 21.

Will TWC be providing opportunities for students to receive the vaccination?

No, each student must independently obtain the vaccine and be fully vaccinated prior to checking in for their TWC program.

Will TWC still be testing students now that students are required to be vaccinated?

TWC will be testing the entire student body (vaccinated and unvaccinated) three times during the semester: shortly after check-in, during the middle of the semester and at the end of the semester. If a student gets a positive rapid test result, we will quarantine that student and work with them to get a PCR test (externally) to confirm the positive result.


What should I do if I have a problem uploading the document on Canvas?

Please email housing@twc.edu for assistance.

What if I have a medical condition that prevents me from being able to receive the COVID vaccine safely?

You must submit documentation to housing@twc.edu from a licensed medical provider that details the medical condition that you have, as well as the specific reason(s) that the vaccine could be harmful to you.

What if I just do not want to receive the vaccine?

The Washington Center requires that all students receive the COVID-19 vaccine (unless they receive a medical exemption) for the safety and health of our community. Our fall program does allow for virtual participation as an alternative for anyone who prefers not to be vaccinated. 

Students who are granted an exemption to our policy will be required to provide a negative PCR test result obtained up to 72 hours prior to arrival and then will be expected to quarantine upon arrival until they obtain another test 3 to 5 days after arrival in Washington, D.C. From there, students will be expected to obtain a test and submit their results to TWC every 10 to 14 days during the semester.

What happens if I do not upload my immunization card prior to my arrival?

You will not be allowed to enter The Washington Center-provided housing until we have received proof of your immunization.

Are students in regional housing required to submit proof of vaccination?

Yes. Any student utilizing housing provided by The Washington Center will need to be vaccinated for the fall semester.

Do immunized students still have to wear masks in common areas, practice social distancing, and follow other D.C. mandates regarding COVID?

The Washington Center will continue to monitor and evolve our policies to ensure the highest level of safety in our community based on the guidance of the D.C. Public Health officials.

Are TWC staff members required to be vaccinated?

All TWC student-facing staff members are required to be vaccinated, unless they have a documented medical condition that prevents them from doing so.

Do my guests need to provide proof of vaccination?

Yes, any visitor for a residential student must be able to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to visit the RAF during the fall semester.