Host an Intern

We want to make hosting as simple as possible, so we provide extensive resources and guide you through every step.

If all of the following are true about your site, we'd love to talk to you about becoming an intern host:

  1. My organization is located in the Washington D.C. metro area.
  2. Interns can commute to our office using public transportation.
  3. We have the workspace for an intern and can provide the materials (desk, computer, other work necessities) required to complete their work.
  4. There is substantive work or projects that an intern can complete with my guidance.
  5. My organization and our intern supervisors can accommodate a Monday through Thursday work schedule (32 hours).

In addition to working at your organization, interns are required to attend one evening class during the week and participate in professional development exercises on Fridays. To get started, simply review the requirements and submit the form below.

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