U.S. State Government Support for Students

Boost Your State's Competitiveness by Making an Investment in Your Future Workforce.

When states partner with TWC students, the benefits of their experience go back home with them. Students return from D.C. more informed, more competitive in the labor market and with fresh ideas and passion for the people and places they call home.

By funding scholarships to expand access to our programs, states become partners in solutions that help make their communities more competitive in the rapidly changing business and talent landscape.

This experience has influenced my career goals by allowing me to see a visible scope of the possibilities that I can accomplish. One of my goals is to become an attorney, and eventually open a non-profit organization in my hometown.”

Janiya Pettus, interned with the National Association of Federally Impacted Schools (NAFIS).

Read how Janiya from Arkansas gained experience and inspiration with TWC to pursue her passions to support those back home.


Short-Term & Semester Long Innovative Programs

TWC’s focus on access to life-changing career-connected learning programs push us to innovate. In addition to our semester or summer long Academic Internship Program – where students spend 9-14 weeks living, learning and interning in D.C., we offer short-term in-person programming via week-long seminars, weekend skills-immersion and four week (principally online) hybrid programs.

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State Funded Scholarships for TWC’s Immersive Learning Experiences

TWC is proud to work with 11 states and 2 U.S. territories – and growing – to provide scholarships so their students can access our transformative experiences. Increasingly, legislators are expanding the ability for students to use scholarships for short-term skills and industry-centered experiences and seminars, as well as semester/summer-long programs. This flexibility allows more students to access programs and fuel their professional futures back home.

TWC is proud of our state partners and welcomes ongoing support and flexibility in funding short-term and semester/summer-long programs.
  • Average semester/summer-long scholarship amount from states/territories: $8,000
  • States which support scholarships for TWC students: AR, AZ, DE, FL, MA, MD, MS, NC, OH PA, TN, Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands
  • States which allow use of funds for short-term programs: AR, AZ, MD, NC, OH, PA, TN & U.S. Virgin Islands
  • TWC alumni across the US: More than 60,000 (includes those who received state scholarships)
    TWC State Partners

    State Scholarship Details for Summer/Semester long internship program

    100% of all state-provided funding goes directly to students as academic scholarships. Almost all public universities waive tuition for semester/summer long internship fees or forward students’ tuition (less administrative fees) to TWC. This significantly reduces the financial barrier for students. Partnering states have the freedom to set their own parameters, including:

    • Eligibility requirements regarding public or private institutions.
    • Offering standard scholarship amounts, or different levels for public and private institutions.
    • State residency requirements or providing scholarships to all students attending an institution in that state.

    For more information on existing state scholarships visit https://twc.edu/programs/state-scholarships.