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Your time here isn't just about your internship. It's about the experiences you have, the friends you meet and the stories you tell when you return home.

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The Washington Center's Campaign 2020 Faculty Director for the DNC, Dr. Julia Azari

Introducing Campaign 2020 Faculty Director for the DNC, Dr. Julia Azari

Dr. Julia Azari, professor of political science at Marquette University in Wisconsin, is a TWC alumna of the…
The Washington Center's Campaign 2020 Faculty Director for the RNC, Dr. Brendan Doherty

Introducing Campaign 2020 Faculty Director for the RNC, Dr. Brendan Doherty

Dr. Brendan Doherty, professor of political science at the United States Naval Academy in Maryland, brings an intimate…
Getting to The Washington Center from D.C. Airports

Getting to TWC from D.C.’s Airports

Flying to D.C. for your internship? These tips and tricks will help you get to The Washington Center’s…
Seth Ickes of Clarion University

Alumni Q&A with Clarion University Grad Seth Ickes

Seth Ickes left his intimate, rural campus of Clarion University to intern with a policy nonprofit in D.C.…
Young lady reading a book with headphones one

Top 5 Skills Every Young Professional Should Have (and the Books that Teach Them)

What does it mean to be a successful young professional? What skills will make you stand out, especially…
TWC Spring 19 intern Hunter Johnson outside Union Station in Washington D.C.

Intern Spotlight: Hunter Johnson, Florida State University

Florida State’s Hunter Johnson never considered an internship prior to learning about The Washington Center. Yet TWC offered…
Shot of foliage in front of the capitol during the Fall

Why Fall Is the Best Time to Intern in D.C.

Choosing between Fall-Summer-Spring to do an internship in Washington, D.C. is a lot like a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.…
Student at a LEAD session

LEAD Beyond the Classroom

By the end of the semester, what can interns expect to take away from LEAD? With opportunities for…
Lauren at the D.C. Bar Foundation.

Why Internships Are An Investment in Your Future

If you are thinking about an internship next semester, you may have lots of questions. What might my…
Tyler Hoover

Skipping My Last Semester for an Internship in D.C.

Last November, I received a long-awaited phone call: I had been accepted to The Washington Center and given…
Michigan Technological University

New Partnership with Michigan Tech Introduces Its Students to the World Beyond Their Campus

Michigan Tech did their homework. The university knew it wanted to add an internship experience that would introduce…
A Guide to Finding Halal Foods Near the RAF

A Guide to Halal Food in the NoMa Neighborhood

There has never been a time when people have been more conscious of the food they put in…