Annual Scholarship Dinner

The Annual Scholarship Dinner is our largest and most important fundraising event. Net proceeds from this night make it possible for us to provide students with essential scholarships each and every year.

This event celebrates and seeks to deepen partnerships that enable us to create exceptional learning experiences for nearly 2,000 college students and young professionals from around the world each year. Join guests from diverse constituent groups including affiliated universities, some of TWC's more than 55,000 alumni, board members, state and international leaders, corporate and foundation sponsors, congressional leaders, and other close friends.

The TWC Scholarship Fund

Net proceeds from the 2018 Annual Scholarship Dinner will support the TWC Scholarship Fund, which provides students with financial barriers the opportunity to participate in The Washington Center’s impactful experiential education programs. This includes first-generation college students, students with disabilities, students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and veterans transitioning into the workforce.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 Annual Scholarship Dinner.
If you can't join us on October 15, consider giving online to the TWC Scholarship fund.

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Impact: The 2018 Annual Scholarship Dinner

The Washington Center is proud to be an influential force not only in changing lives, but in changing society. We impact the trajectory of our participants’ lives, but more than that we set them on a course of global citizenship and professional achievement. Together we have changed the narrative for students of all backgrounds by allowing them to grow and learn together in Washington, DC, instilling in them the importance of giving back to their communities and to others.

This event will highlight the lives and aspirations of some of the nearly 2,000 students we serve annually, the significant achievements of our nearly 60,000 alumni around the world, and the impact our partners have made in helping to build a new generation of civic and workforce leaders for our countries and communities.