Spring 2022 Updates

Spring 2022 Updates

All of us at The Washington Center are excited to have you join us this spring!

As we prepare for the spring, we are continuing to adapt our policies to ensure the health and wellness of our TWC community. The details on this page will prepare you for what to expect at your internship site and throughout your programmatic and residential experiences, so we encourage you to review them carefully.

All of this information and each of these policies is subject to change as pandemic conditions evolve and local public health regulations are adjusted.

Washington, D.C. Option

While many aspects of the program will remain the same, we’ve made some updates to ensure your safety and that of our staff. TWC may adjust these policies as public health regulations in D.C. are adapted or removed. 

Please note that all participants who choose to participate in-person in any aspect of our programs are required be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to their arrival in D.C. We encourage you to review our COVID-19 vaccination policy for more details.

Check-In Updates

We've made the following changes to the check-in process to ensure the safety of our TWC community.

  • All participants who are residing in TWC housing, or living independently in Washington, D.C. and participating in-person in any aspect of our spring program: 
    • Are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to their arrival in Washington, D.C and to upload a copy of their COVID-19 vaccination card via Canvas. Please review our complete COVID-19 vaccination policy
    • Are required to provide proof of a negative test received within 72 hours of their arrival in Washington, D.C. Your test can be a rapid antigen or PCR test; more details will be sent to all participants prior to check-in.
  • Check-in will be staggered over a three day period from January 19-21, 2022.  When you complete your Community Profile, you’ll select a time slot when you and up to two other people can move your belongings into the building. Additionally, when you arrive at the Residential and Academic Facility:
    • You and anyone arriving with you will undergo a no-contact temperature check. Anyone showing a high temperature or other symptoms will not be allowed to move in and will be asked to return after testing negative for COVID-19.
    • Your move-in guests must provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 and a government ID in order to enter the building with you.


Once you arrive in the nation’s capital, you may be working with your internship site remotely, in-person, or on a hybrid schedule (remotely on some days and in the office on other days). This will depend on your internship’s working status, so it's important to discuss work hour and location expectations with prospective internship sites as you progress through the internship selection process. 

TWC Programming

TWC's academic courses will primarily take place in-person on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. 

TWC’s Career Readiness Programming will offer in-person and online opportunities. Synchronous programming will occur in-person on evenings throughout the week. Asynchronous programming will occur primarily online. You’ll choose which sessions you attend, based on requirements shared at orientation.

As the Washington, D.C. community adapts to public health conditions, more organizations are reopening and opportunities to attend networking activities and events throughout the city are increasing. Depending on your preferences, you’ll likely have the chance to engage in these opportunities during your experience.

Housing and Community Life

If you plan to reside in TWC housing, you must have health insurance and provide your policy information prior to check-in. Please note: as of spring 2022, TWC is once again housing students in quad-style apartments; you’ll share a bedroom with one person and common space with two suitemates. 

In addition to providing a negative test upon arrival, you may be required to participate in mandatory testing at other points during the experience, based on TWC’s assessment of conditions within our community. TWC has revised its Emergency Response Plan with new procedures for 2022. We have also implemented the following policy changes for our housing facilities: 

  • You will be required to wear a mask in all public spaces of the Residential and Academic Facility (RAF). We encourage you to bring a personal supply of reusable masks, but TWC will also maintain a supply of disposable masks if you lose or forget your face covering. 
  • You will be allowed to host two (2) external (non-TWC residential) guests at any given time, provided the total number of individuals in your apartment at any time does not exceed our maximum occupancy limit of eight (8). Guests are allowed to stay for three consecutive nights in a seven-day period and once your guest(s) leave, you must wait seven days before hosting additional guests. All guests are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and you must email a copy of your guest’s vaccination card to concierge@twc.edu (not on the Community Portal) at least 48 hours before your guest’s arrival time. 
  • The following occupancy limits will be in place for spaces within the RAF and residents will be required to sign in and out with the front desk for contact tracing purposes: 
    • The fitness center will be limited to six residents at any one time and masks will be required for use. 
    • The computer lab will be limited to four residents at any one time and masks will be required for use. 
    • The patio at the RAF will be limited to gatherings that adhere to Washington, D.C.’s current social distancing/gathering guidelines. 
    • The elevators at the RAF will have a maximum capacity of four persons at any one time. 
  • Select common areas will be available as socially-distanced remote work spaces for use between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., as apartments do not have a desk (they include a kitchen table and coffee table in the common area). More details will be provided at check-in.

Program Disruption

If public health conditions deteriorate, TWC will work with the D.C. government to determine whether it is safe for you to stay in Washington, D.C. 

If you are sent home early due to public health concerns, TWC will make the following program adjustments: 

  • Your evening course and career readiness programming will continue online for the remainder of the semester.  
  • TWC will work with your internship site and encourage them to continue your internship in a fully remote format. Each internship site will make the final decision regarding its ability to provide a remote internship experience.  
  • If your internship site is unable to transition to a remote experience, TWC will work with your school to identify alternative projects to fill the remainder of the semester. 

If you are sent home early due to public health concerns, TWC’s standard refund and cancellation policies will remain in place, with the following refund adjustments:  

  • Housing Fee: TWC's standing policy is that housing refunds are not provided after you have checked into TWC facilities. However, given the circumstances surrounding the pandemic, TWC is prepared to refund up to 25% of your housing payment* to TWC in the event of an early closing due to public health concerns. If you decide to leave Washington, D.C. for other reasons, refunds would only be considered on appeal.  
  • Program Fee: Consistent with standing policy, TWC will not offer program refunds after you have started your internship. As noted above, in the event of disruption, programming will transition to a remote experience. If you choose to self-terminate your experience, you will receive grades based on work completed (grades may be incomplete) and remain responsible for the program cost. 

* Your housing payment is the amount you paid to TWC for housing, after accounting for any scholarships received from TWC. Please note: TWC's scholarship awards are always applied to your housing balance first. 

Virtual Option

While we encourage all spring 2022 participants to consider joining us in Washington, D.C. we continue to offer you the option to complete the Academic Internship Program remotely. If you choose this option, your programmatic choices may be more limited and your internship will take place online.


If you’re interning remotely, you may notice that some industry areas have fewer available internship sites. We expect more limited options with federal government agencies, Capitol Hill offices, and legal or law-related positions. Your options may further vary based on fluctuating site availability.

Once the program begins, you should expect to work 20-36 hours per week, depending on your internship. You’ll arrange a work schedule directly with your internship, so you may work a traditional 9-to-5 schedule, a shorter set number of hours each day, select days each week or another varied schedule.

In order to participate remotely, you will be required to have access to a computer with a stable internet connection.

TWC Programming

TWC's Career Readiness Programming will be offered in an online, asynchronous format. You'll have access to modules that are primarily focused on career development. You will also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with your Career Advisor remotely. 

TWC will offer one academic course — "Peace and Security in International Relations" — online this spring. All other courses will be offered in person and synchronously. If this course does not work for you, you may opt to take an online course with your home institution instead (you will receive a $300 discount if you choose this option).

Program Cost & Credit

The cost of the virtual option is the same as the Washington, D.C. option, with the exception of the housing fee. Your final cost of participation will depend on how the program works at your school and your eligibility for state funding

The amount of academic credit you’ll receive for your participation in the virtual option also depends on how the program works at your school. 

Contact your campus liaison to confirm the cost and credit arrangements for the virtual option. If you need help identifying your liaison or if your institution does not have a liaison, contact info@twc.edu

Program Disruption

Since you’ll be participating virtually, you will be expected to maintain your participation throughout the semester, regardless of the status of the Washington, D.C. internship program.

Next Steps

You’ll have the opportunity to let us know whether you plan to participate in-person or virtually when you complete your TWC application. In the meantime, we recommend speaking to your campus liaison or admissions counselor for more guidance as you decide on the best option for you!