Campaign 2020

The Presidential Election: From Textbook to Playbook

Right now, you’re living in one of the most turbulent chapters in American politics since the 1960s. Just as you started your college career, American politics as we know it began to change drastically.

Nowhere will this be more clear than in the 2020 presidential election, which you can learn about in a classroom — or experience first-hand through The Washington Center’s Campaign 2020 series. With more than 30 years of experience leading politically focused academic seminars, The Washington Center will bring you front-row access to the U.S. presidential election process from both sides of the aisle.

We actually got to see Bernie Sanders up close … everybody was starstruck, because they’ve never been so close to a presidential candidate before, where you could actually reach out and touch him.

Laurie Rowland, Assistant Professor of Communication at Cleveland State Community College

Campaign 2020 Programs

Inside Washington 2020 Seminar

January 5-18, 2020
Go behind the scenes of American politics as the 2020 presidential campaign ramps up. Over the course of two weeks, you’ll listen to distinguished speakers from the worlds of media, consulting, nonprofits and government. You’ll also visit sites like the Cato Institute, Voice of America or another of D.C.’s many politically active organizations. Throughout it all, you’ll be joined by a small group of fellow students and have candid discussions to help you to digest and debate what you are learning. 

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National Conventions Seminars

Democratic National Convention: July 5-17, 2020
Republican National Convention: August 16-28, 2020

The national political conventions are signature events in the American political system, and the Convention 2020 seminars give you the opportunity to take in the spectacle firsthand. You’ll choose to attend either the Democratic or the Republican convention, for an up close look at one of the most important events of the election cycle. 

In your first week, hear from expert guest speakers as they offer their bipartisan take on the current state of the presidential campaign. During the second week, you’ll be on the ground gaining hands-on experience through fieldwork placements with convention committees, media outlets and more. When everything’s been said and done, you’ll return to campus in the fall with not only great stories and photographs to share, but also new insights about how parties select their nominee.

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Inauguration 2021 Seminar

January 10-21, 2021
The Inauguration serves as a backdrop for this seminar. It’s an up close look at the machinations of political transition, the peaceful transfer of power and the celebration of a new - or newly re-elected - president. You’ll listen to guest speakers and embark on site visits all in service of discussions focused on the aftermath of the election and its potential impact on American policy moving forward. This is a unique D.C. experience no matter which candidate takes the Oath of Office.

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Experience national politics up close.

Do not miss this opportunity to participate first-hand in American history in the making.

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